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Conversational AI for businesses

Cue is an intelligent, speech-enabled device that provides automated, on-site information and concierge services. Businesses can deploy devices throughout their space; patrons use the device by pressing a button and asking a question or making a request. Businesses spend billions each year training and employing people to respond to the same questions and requests throughout the day.

The Cue Team

Cue was founded by Cam Urban, Peng Shao, and Le Huang. Cam Urban, CEO, is a Y Combinator alum, and was previously at Microsoft where he worked on Azure. He co-founded JellyfishArt, which was acquired by Boyd Enterprise, and NudgePad, which was acqui-hired by Microsoft. Peng Shao, Head of Product and Science, led the Amazon Speech Cloud team responsible for the voice runtime technology powering the Amazon Echo, FireTV, and others. Le Huang, CTO, leads hardware and software development. Previously she worked on the Amazon Kindle and the Appstore.

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Cue enables businesses to automate simple tasks and spend more time focused on high-value engagements.

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