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Courtmatics creates smart coaching technology to help every athlete, from the weekend warrior to the professional star, track and improve their game.

The company’s first product, designed for tennis, is a smart dampener that tracks gameplay and streams data to a mobile app.

The smart dampener is easy to install, non-intrusive and works with every racket.

Within the app, players can see their strengths and development areas, get coaching advice, set goals and track their progress through a combination of free and paid subscription.

The app also allows players to share results and compare their rankings with other players.

The Courtmatics Team

Andre Reznik and Bhanu Pisupati met more than a decade ago while playing tennis at Indiana University. The two parted ways, gaining professional experience in software development and business operations at Intel and Qualcomm, and later reconnected in the San Francisco Bay Area.

They joined with Vadim Blank, a product engineer with Trimble Navigation, to found Courtmatics in 2013.


Our technology captures motion data using wearable devices, analyzed by our proprietary analytics it produces best in class game statistics, play technique insights and improvement tips along with tactical analysis during match play.

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