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Blumio has developed a wearable blood pressure sensor that allows for continuous monitoring, without requiring an inflatable cuff.

Blumio makes it possible to track and monitor a person’s blood pressure throughout the day, opening a new window to cardiovascular health.

Continuous blood pressure monitoring for the 80 million Americans suffering from hypertension will improve diagnosis, increase effectiveness of treatment, and reduce cost of care.

The Blumio Team

Catherine Liao and Oliver Shay met while working as technologists at the World Health Organization during the SARS epidemic in 2003, where they built systems to support rapid communication of critical health data.

Later, after both joined Cisco, Catherine and Oliver met Lillian Dai, who was was researching wireless sensor technology. Together, they founded Blumio in 2014 to address the unmet need for better biometric monitoring.


We are developing a sensor that can measure blood pressure continuously, without the use of an inflatable cuff, providing an ultra convenient way for you to accurately measure and track your blood pressure as you go about your daily activities.

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