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Startup Finance 101

Hiring. Taxes. Bookkeeping. You have to do these things if you’re gonna start a company, but nobody wants to think about them.

Keith White of Burkland Associates stopped by a little while ago to give a fantastic talk full of useful advice on all these matters and more, and we’re happy to put some clips here; pull up a chair!

“Do I want to hire a bunch of contractors or some full-time people? What are the major legal and tax differences, and what are the advantages or disadvantages of each?”

If you’re thinking about starting a company, odds are good you’ve considered these questions in at least some offhand way, but if you’ve never done a deep dive on them, you’re in luck: just press Play.

Startup Finance 101: Hiring

Do I want to hire a bunch of contractors or some full-time people?

Anyone starting a company has to eventually think about the actual nuts and bolts of it — things like taxes, financial models, and bookkeeping.

Payroll. Benefits. Workers’ comp. How are you gonna go about delivering these things to your employees? Have you even thought about ’em? Keith White breaks it all down for you.

Startup Finance 101: Benefits

How are you gonna go about delivering these things to your employees?

So you’ve set up your company, hired people, straightened out their benefits, and gotten all the insurance and tax advice you need. What’s next?

Bookkeeping. How do you keep track of who spent how much where, and what they bought? Keith White of Burkland Associates lays out tools and vital best practices.

Startup Finance 101: Bookkeeping

Keeping your books straight

What’s a financial model and why is it so important for you to have one? Better to find out sooner rather than later — trust us.

Startup Finance 101: Intro to Financial Models

Getting your model right

Before you even talk to an investor, what should you have figured out? Keith White of Burkland Associates lays out the planning phase of fundraising.

Startup Finance 101: Planning Your Fundraise

Once you’ve got all your ducks in a row, it’s time to find some investors. Who do you want to talk to? How do you find them? Keith walks us through it.

Startup Finance 101: Finding Investors

How to target and pitch to investors

It’s time to make your pitch to a roomful of investors. What now? Keith White of Burkland Associates has solid, actionable advice for you — including his list of pitchmaking pet peeves for everyone to avoid.

Startup Finance 101: Pitching to Investors

What to watch out for

After your pitch lands, what should your relationship with your investors be like? How do you tune your messaging to them while you run the business? Keith runs down some things to think about.

Dealing with Investors

How to maintain good relationships

Your startup has a CEO, a CTO, maybe even a COO. What about a CFO? How do you find one? Who should you avoid? Watch and learn.

It’s time to find a “finance person” for the company. How do you do that? Who should you look for? Keith White of Burkland Associates gives some pointers.

Startup Finance 101: Choosing Help

How to Find a CFO

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