Demo Day

Spring Demo Day 2015: The Live Blog

PCH Intl CEO Liam Casey takes the stage to welcome everyone to our fourth Demo Day and talk a little bit about what it took to get everyone here before handing things off to Highway1 VP Brady Forrest.

And we’re off, with Highway1 design lead Marcus Gosling introducing our companies:

First up: make the watch you’re wearing a connected one instantly with Chronos, which attaches to the back of your watch and gives it the smart functionality you’ve been looking for. With Chronos, the best wearable is the one you’ve already got.


Spinn presents a way to not only brew coffee from fresh beans at the touch of a button with centrifugal force, but also ensure you’ll never run out by integrating with a marketplace of local roasters, enabling you to create a playlist of coffee.

When kids don’t sleep, you don’t either: eliminate night terrors with the Lully Sleep Guardian, which monitors your child’s sleep patterns and ensures they sleep peacefully through the night.

Now more than ever, farming relies on having reliable, accurate, instant weather data, and FarmHub is here to deliver it with a field-deployable weather station that comes with connectivity and software that helps farmers make key decisions.

Do you want to capture that moment or participate in it? Never worry about whether you got that shot again: Vidalife by Lensbricks is a camera for your house that keeps the memories worth hanging onto without requiring you to lift a finger.


“The products you see here today will be on our shelves next year. ”

Brady Forrest - VP - Highway1

Take better care of your sea life with FishBit, the inaugural product from Current Labs that monitors your aquarium and alerts you if something’s off. Current Labs is ready to make managing aquatic ecosystems easier and better, and your living room is the first step.

Let the Game of Drones begin! Get yourself an indestructible quadcopter that comes with a flight school, live video streaming, and integration with a thriving community of fellow drone enthusiasts.

Tracking your fertility has never been easier with Ayda, a wearable that monitors key factors noninvasively and maximizes your chances of conceiving.

Meet the Startups

From Demo Day Spring 2015

Sereneti Kitchen presents Cooki, a robot chef for your kitchen that comes with Foodi, a vast ecosystem of recipes: just load the ingredients and walk away — Cooki will let you know when it’s dinnertime!

UV radiation is literally an invisible problem, not just for people worried about skin cancer, but lupus patients whose symptoms can be triggered by it. Shade delivers a beautiful UV monitor that helps sufferers enjoy the sunlight again.

Don’t just trap pollutants: destroy them with Transformair, the world’s most powerful air purifier.

And that brings our demos to a close; everyone’s at their booths, ready to talk to the crowd. Looks like quite a scene down there already! Observe:

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