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Announcing the Spring 2016 Highway1 Cohort

On Monday, February 8th, we kicked off the sixth class at Highway1.

The Spring 2016 cohort features nine startups, more than half founded by women, from as far as Mexico and the U.K., working on everything from senior care to fashion to the future of bicycles.

The class joins our 58 alumni from 12 countries around the world who’ve raised $90 million in venture and crowdfunding. We’re eager to get to work and excited to see the progress these nine startups will make by Demo Day. We want to thank our extensive network of founders, mentors and partners that continue to help our startups push the boundaries of hardware technology.

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Meet the Spring 2016 cohort:

Blumio is developing a cuffless blood pressure reader for continuous monitoring.

Calliope is a connected system that gives homeowners real-time information about their water use, notifying and allowing them to remotely shut off their water when unusual use or leaks are detected.

Cocoon Cam is an all-in-one proprietary camera capable of detecting a newborn’s heart rate, respiration, and skin temperature from a distance.

Courtmatics is providing sports analytics for everyone, starting with tennis.

Muchi delivers a simple and reliable communication device linking parents and kids.

OBE is a groundbreaking garment that turns your body into an immersive controller for interacting in virtual reality.

OpenBike is the operating system for bicycles, the first open platform for components, software, and services.

Sensassure is developing the SmartPatch to transform incontinence management in senior care settings.

XO is a fashion and technology company creating and engineering interactive wearable experiences at the crossroads of physical-digital media.

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