Prototyper of the Week

RecoverX Prepares for Beta

Every week, we recognize the Highway1 team that was most active in the lab with the prestigious Prototyper of the Week award.

This week’s winner — for the third time — is RecoverX, whose team members are preparing to put product into multiple users’ hands as an initial beta. In the words of CEO Alex Aguiar:

“We’ve built a fully functional prototype; now we just need to make nine more for the beta user study we’re about to start. Since our first product will be knee-oriented, we had to find people who are currently experiencing knee pain. Something we know from prior experience is that athletes are more likely to be injured than those who are not athletes, so we reached out to a runners’ group on Facebook, as well as our personal contacts. We were specifically looking for people who are seeking solutions to their knee pain and aren’t quite satisfied with the current market solutions. We got over 50 responses to our initial inquiries, which we narrowed down to a final set of ten.

“After having this idea over a year ago, we finally have something we can put in our users’ hands. We’re planning to give them the prototype for three days; all the insights they give us afterwards will be incorporated into the next round of prototyping for Demo Day. We’re hoping to learn more from our users and their experience with the device, and then make further improvements. Highway1 has helped us out tremendously: Dakota’s been spearheading the firmware, and Jesse from Bommer helped out with the app. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to launch this beta. My other team members Dan and Dave have been hard at work building the prototypes we need: Dan knows how to build it all, and Dave’s been diligently getting the necessary odds and ends together to ramp up for assembly.

“We’re hoping to validate some of our assumptions we have for the product. Our goal, as always, is to provide a solution to our users that includes temperature control and portability, giving them the optimum recovery they’ve been searching for.”

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