Prototyper of the Week

RecoverX explores form factors

Every week, we recognize the Highway1 team that was most active in the lab with the prestigious Prototyper of the Week award.

The first winner out of the Fall 2016 cohort: RecoverX. Here to tell the team’s story in their own words is CEO Alex Aguiar.

“We’re trying to figure out the right form factor for our product in terms of increasing its available surface area. We’ve done a lot of user research, and that’s what they care about the most. The tricky part is that the elements that are able to get cold are a hard surface, but we still need to incorporate them into a cuff that can strap around a joint.

“It was CTO Dan Evans who had the idea to use wood. I was thinking maybe we should try doing it with metal, but wood is so much easier to cut and it gives us the same results. This week we added Dave Evans to the team, and he helped out a lot: we learned how to do the cutting of the wood on the bandsaw and figured out the right dimensions together.

“This has advanced our understanding of the product greatly. Right now we’re figuring out the power and form factor in parallel: Dan’s been working a lot on the power and engineering aspects, so Dave and I tackled the form factor. Because of this, we’ve been able to move the needle much further along than if we just tried to picture it inside our heads.”

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