Prototyper of the Week

Sensassure prototypes for form-and-fit user testing

Every week, we recognize the Highway1 team most active in the lab with the prestigious Prototyper of the Week award.

This week’s winner is Sensassure, who is developing the SmartPatch to transform incontinence management.

Danny Porthiyas, Sensassure’s hardware engineer, explains what they’ve been working on in the lab:

“As we move from a functional prototype to a commercially viable product, we spent last week making new enclosures for preliminary form-and-fit user testing. We’re reworking the mechanical design to make the system more comfortable, easier to use, and less obtrusive to residents.

“We produced ten prototypes on the 3D printer, which are already being tested by caregivers and residents in a nursing home. Many thanks to our fellow Highway1 cohort members who helped us on the 3D printer.”

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