Birdi’s air quality monitor keeps your family healthy and safe, tracking everything from everyday pollution to fire and carbon monoxide, as well as giving you tips on how to keep the air you breathe fresh and clean. In an emergency, Birdi flashes its lights, sounds the alarm, and sends alerts to everyone’s mobile devices.


Ringly believes technology can be more discreetly integrated into our lives, placing fashion and simplicity first to create a new line of smart jewelry and accessories. Ringly’s inaugural product is a ring that connects to a smartphone and notifies the wearer about incoming messages or calls via vibration and subtle light.

Dragonfly Systems

One of Forbes’s 30 Under 30 in Energy and Industry for 2014, Dragonfly Systems is developing a unique power electronics solution for large-scale solar setups that not only decreases installation costs, but provides recurring benefits in reliability, efficiency, and safety. Dragonfly’s solution enables longer strings, less hardware, and quicker conversion, which allows for cheaper, bigger [...]

Lumo Play

Lumo turns any room into an interactive playground. The Lumo projector creates immersive, motion-controlled games on the floor or wall of any room, combining the excitement of digital entertainment with natural, real-world play to get kids up and moving.

Shortcut Labs

Shortcut Labs presents Flic, a wireless one-button remote control that can pair with any function on your mobile device. Quit fumbling for your phone: press a Flic to stop or trigger a feature instead.


Sensilk is developing a special conductive fiber technology for seamless integration into textiles that make comfortable, fashionable, and accurate biometric monitoring possible, among other things. Sensilk’s first product is a sports bra and mobile app that detects key fitness metrics and tracks your progress.


Podo Labs has created the world’s first “stick and shoot,” a small camera that can stick anywhere, liberating the selfie from its poorly-framed, arm’s-length, bathroom mirror roots. Just slap Podo onto a wall, window, or anything else you can think of and you’re good to go: its micro-suction pad is safe, temporary, and won’t degrade.

Keyboardio is building a better keyboard: comfortable, beautiful, hackable. With a layout based on ergonomic research and ultra-high-quality construction, this is a keyboard you’ll be typing on for years to come. The keyboard’s Arduino-based firmware is fully programmable: you can customize functions, build in macros, or even use it to control other devices. You spend [...]

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