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Highway1 Hardware Accelerator is Open for Applications

Early Funding increases to $100,000 for each participant.

PCH’s hardware accelerator Highway1 is accepting applications for the Spring 2016 program. Interested startups are welcome to apply for the San Francisco based program that has generated multiple success stories.

The accelerator has also increased the amount of initial investment for participants. Startups may receive up to $100,000 – five times the amount the program offered just two years ago. This is the second anniversary of the Highway1 launch.

To date the program has seen 58 hardware companies pass through their program with over $65 million in venture capital being invested in these companies since inception.

Approximately $11 million has been raised as part of crowdfunding campaigns. Some better known companies include; Drop, Navdy, Podo and Ringly.

Brady Forrest, VP of Highway1, explains that Highway1 is the “most rigorous and hands on hardware program in the world”.

A startup can complete a year of product development in only four months, helping your company become fundable sooner.

Brady added:

“You can enter with a garage prototype and leave four months later with a fundable, looks-like, works-like prototype. We look for the most serious startup teams, who are pushing the bounds of technology and are committed and ready to get to work. The increase in funding offers startups more resources to engage hardware and software engineers, designers and others to achieve even more during the program,” said Forrest.

Highway1 is the vision of entrepreneur Liam Casey who created PCH and remains its CEO.

“It’s very gratifying to have 58 companies and 153 founders go through the program at Highway1 in just 24 months. We have seen incredible talent and creativity, as more entrepreneurs from around the world get interested in making great hardware products and building lasting companies. ”

Liam Casey - CEO - PCH

With almost 20 years of experience in hardware, we are able to share our insights about how to get products made, how to scale the business, and how to get value out of each dollar of investment. We look forward to helping more entrepreneurs build their dreams.”

Highway1 will provide up to $100,000 for 8% equity or up to $50,000 for a 5% stake. The collaborative, hands-on program allows hardware startups access to a full time staff of engineering, design, marketing and business staff alongside a 1000 square foot hardware prototyping lab.

The program incorporates a trip to Shenzhen, China to see first hand the global manufacturing and supply chain management of scaling a hardware company. The program completes with a pitch event for investors.

Deadline for applications is November 16th. Better hurry and apply now.

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Highway1, a division of PCH, is the premier hardware startup accelerator. We look for great hardware startups, with an exciting business idea and a compelling product. We help you develop products that deliver real value to customers, that are delightful to use and that can be manufactured at scale.
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