Throwback Thursday

Happy Ada Lovelace Day

We're always happy to celebrate women in tech, but especially on a day like today! Let's catch up with Santhi Analytis of Moxxly, an all-female team who graduated last year.

What have you been up to since Demo Day?
So many things! We were pretty early as a company and in our product development when we started Highway1 last year.

By Demo Day, we had a good works-like / looks-like demo of the system and a general sense of where the industrial design was going.

Even so, there was still a lot of work to be done to get it to a production-level consumer device.

Our energy has been going into refining our product, from building out the iOS and Android apps, polishing the industrial design, making the electronics more robust, and teaming up with contract manufacturers to get it made. We closed a seed round earlier this year and just completed a term with the StartX accelerator.

What’s your next milestone?
Extensive beta testing and FDA submission.

What’s your biggest surprise been since Demo Day?
We’ve been able to find great people to work with to expand our team and tackle the next stage of our product development and operations management through partners, contractors, interns, and advisors.

We’re also making our first full-time hires.

Although growing the team was expected, it was a nice surprise to find the right, extremely bright people to help us move forward swiftly, while still being able to learn from them and have some fun together.

What’s been your biggest challenge?
Perhaps the realization that bringing a product to market takes longer than expected, especially when you have a product like ours, with many moving parts in the mechanical, electrical, and software components, not to mention needing to comply with medical safety regulations.

On top of that, we’re looking to fit a range of human bodies with a slew of different physiological factors and sizes to accommodate. Making this first product has involved many good, hard challenges, and we’re proud of how we’ve been tackling them one by one.


Has anything about your company’s vision shifted since Demo Day?
Not specifically, we’re still looking to outfit modern women with stylish products that fit seamlessly into their lives.

What are you most looking forward to?
At this point, the thing I’m most looking forward to is watching our parts come off the assembly line!

What was your biggest takeaway from Highway1?
The relationships we made through our fellow founders, advisors, and PCH staff who we met through the program. It’s great being able to get advice from people who’ve seen a lot of hardware startups and gone through the hoops themselves, as well as share knowledge with other startups.

Any advice for new hardware startups?
User-centered design has been Moxxly’s MO from the beginning, but lots of times we see hardware startups going too far into development before knowing if what they’re making is worthwhile.

“Prototype, test, iterate, and move quickly. Keep growing your base of test users and don’t get married to any idea until you know for sure people want what you’re making. ”

Santhi Analytis, Founder - Moxxly

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