Demo Day

Fall 2015 Demo Day

Last Wednesday, the PCH Innovation Hub in San Francisco once again opened its doors to host the fifth Highway1 Demo Day, where our startups got the chance to show the world what they've been up to.

Below is the Fall 2015 class video a photo recap of the day.

Why do we do this?

Highway1 Demo Day Fall 2015

While PCH founder and CEO Liam Casey and Highway1 VP Brady Forrest welcomed the crowd, some of our founders posed for posterity backstage.

Demo Day Fall 2015 founders

First up, Moti is here to help you build better habits through science and feedback that actually works.

Demo Day Fall 2015 Moti

Compression Kinetics is making world-class dynamic compression for athletic recovery mobile, beautiful, and affordable.

Demo Day Fall 2015 Compression Kinetics

If you run a wireless or mobile network, Asimmetric’s bot will let you know when you’ve got problems, so you can give users the best experience possible.

Demo Day Fall 2015 Asimmetric

Teach your kids about programming without ever looking at a screen with Primo’s Cubetto playset, good for ages 3 and up.

Demo Day fall 2015 Primo

Nexi uses color and light to visualize your household energy consumption, helping you manage cost and save the environment.

Demo Day Fall 2015 Nexi

Adapting machines to take credit card payments is a slow, painful process; Dot Dash Pay’s plug-and-pay solution makes it quick and easy.

Demo Day Fall 2015 Dot Dash Pay

You can make your home smart, but making your windowblinds smart is costly and difficult — or at least it was before FlipFlic, whose installation takes seconds.

Demo Day Fall 2015 FlipFlic

UpDroid wants to make it easier and cheaper for anyone to build a robot with their modular robotics and development platform.

Demo Day Fall 2015 UpDroid

And then it was time for lunch. The crowd of press and investors enjoyed gourmet sliders from the Me So Hungry truck and artisanal organic treats from Johnny Doughtnuts, while talking with the startups. Congratulations everyone, you all did an amazing job.

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