Demo Day

Demo Day 7

The culmination of four intense months of shop time, design sprints, and just plain work

Doors at the PCH Innovation Hub opened promptly on a surprisingly brisk fall day for the crowd of investors and press gathered for Highway1’s latest Demo Day. Before getting underway, we got a peek at the new Highway1 video introduction before co-founder Brady Forrest took the stage.

Welcome to Highway1


Seven startups for the seventh class seemed somehow fitting. Flo Labs CEO West Askew got things started, introducing an intelligent assistant for outdoor recreation that rides your surfboard and learns your preferences to help you plan and optimize your experiences.


Minjie Zheng, CEO of Ommo, is building a 3D position tracking technology for AR and VR that’s accurate down to the millimeter without requiring line of sight.


RecoverX CEO Alex Aguiar is determined to transform athletic recovery with Element, a smartphone-controlled cold and heat pack.


CEO George Popescu presents Lampix, a device that transforms any surface into a smart one.


Peeq CEO Mark Gray introduces a sensor-enabled system for capturing video highlights in amateur sports at a level never before seen.


Cam Urban, CEO of Cue, presents an intelligent, speech-enabled device capable of providing not only automated on-site information, but concierge services.


Cloudastructure CEO Rick Bentley introduces a cloud-based enterprise-level security solution for physical infrastructure.


After the final pitch, Brady took the stage again to introduce Kurt Dammermann, Highway1’s new VP. Meet Kurt here.


The garage doors opened and the crowd streamed out to talk to the startups at their booths for in-person demos and networking. Highly convenient and delicious lunch was also provided, courtesy of the Tacos El Tuca and Me So Hungry Too trucks..

Happy graduation to all our seventh-cohort startups! See more photos here.

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