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One of the stops on the Highway1 trip to Shenzhen is a talk by engineering mastermind bunnie huang about the realities of manufacturing.

bunnie happened to be in town not too long ago and gave his talk here at Highway1, where we were able to get it on video. We’re happy to share some of the highlights with you.



Below bunnie explains what a good bill of materials (BOM) should actually look like for anyone working with a manufacturing partner, as well as the importance of engineering change orders.

Good Bill of Materials

The indispensability of good documentation

Here’s another excerpt from bunnie huang’s fantastic talk on the world of manufacturing in China.

If you’re getting into the hardware game, the words “design for manufacture” are going to hit your ears sooner or later.

How can DFM save your company from going under? bunnie explains below.

Why DFM Matters

The difference good DFM makes

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