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Black Friday & Cyber Monday: Sales from Highway1 Alumni

Great deals from familiar faces

We spend a lot of time here on the Highway1 blog talking about prototyping, design, and process for hardware entrepreneurs in posts full of advice, theories, and best practices from experienced players in the field. But what happens after you’ve absorbed all that wisdom and made it to the end of the hardware development journey? Many of our graduates have now become full-fledged companies with actual product rolling off their assembly lines and headed to stores and fulfillment warehouses near you, and we thought it’d be fun to clue you in on some of their great Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.


Jewelbots are programmable friendship bracelets that teach kids ages 7-14 to code. Get yours here from November 25-27 and get 20% off with the code STEM.


Drop, a graduate of our initial cohort and the very first Highway1 company to ship a product, is busy connecting the world’s kitchen appliances through their Drop Recipes app. Get their flagship product, Drop Scale, here and use coupon code BLACKFRIDAY16 for 25% off from November 25-28. If you miss Cyber Monday, readers of this very blog can still get 10% off right up until Christmas Day with the code HIGHWAY1.


Lully’s Sleep Guardian 2 is a vibrating pod placed under a child’s mattress that uses precisely-timed vibrations to stop night terrors. It works automatically without parental interaction and is scientifically proven to stop 75% of night terrors after just 4 weeks. Get yours here and save 20% with the code NOV2016 between November 25-28.


Flic from Shortcut Labs is an endlessly programmable button you can configure to make your life simpler with a single touch. Shop now and save 20% on individual Flics from now until the end of Cyber Monday, or get a four-pack and choose a bonus FlicSingle for free over the Black Friday-Cyber Monday weekend.


Spinn has begun the preorder campaign for their connected, self-replenishing, filterless coffee machine at 40% off. If you want to brew a waste-free cup of coffee from fresh beans simply by talking to your Amazon Echo, put one of these on your counter.


Podo Labs launches Version 2 of their stick-anywhere camera on Cyber Monday: put that selfie stick away and free up your arms for total self-expression — and that’s just the beginning of what’s possible. Shop on the 28th of November for steep discounts and free shipping on orders $65 and above.

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