You’ve got a prototype. We’ve got a roadmap. We look for great hardware startups, with an exciting business idea and a compelling prototype. We help you design products that deliver value to customers, that are delightful to use and that can be made at scale. Learn more.

What Highway1 offers you.

Seed Capital :: $50,000 in exchange for 4% – 7% equity.

Engineering expertise :: On-site and visiting manufacturing engineers.

Resources :: 24/7 access to shared workspace and prototyping labs.

China De-mystified :: 10-day factory-facing visit to Shenzhen.

Fund-raising :: Develop your story and network with hardware investors.

What we look for in our startups:

Strong Team :: At least two people, with a track record of successful collaboration.

Technical Chops :: We don’t do the engineering work for you, we support and train your engineers.

Prototype :: Be able to demonstrate your technology and the value it provides.

Market Savvy :: Who’s waiting in line for your product? Who else is in your space?

Vision :: How are you a great new hardware company, not just a product?

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Applications for Spring 2016 session will open:  November, 2015.

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