Applications for our Fall 2015 session are now open.

You’ve got a prototype. We’ve got a roadmap. We look for great hardware startups, with an exciting business idea and a compelling prototype. We help you design products that deliver value to customers, that are delightful to use and that can be made at scale. Learn more.

Here are some perks of our program:

Seed Capital :: $50,000 in exchange for 4% – 7% equity.

Engineering Know-how :: On-site and visiting manufacturing engineers.

Power-ups :: Prototyping lab and facilities.

China De-mystified :: 10-day factory-facing visit to Shenzhen.

Pitch Like a pro :: Speak the language of press, investors and influencers.

Here’s what we’re looking for in our candidates:

Strong Team :: You can’t do this alone, and we don’t want you to try

Technical Chops :: We balance technical skills and expertise with a passion for learning

Prototype :: Show us your proof of concept and demonstrate the value of your product.

Market Savvy :: Who’s waiting in line for your product? Who else is in your space?

Availability :: We have the home field advantage here San Francisco; we need you here too!


Applications Close June 5th.

Apply via AngelList   Apply via F6S

Session starts:  August 3rd, 2015.

Email us at

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